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We are a team of dedicated individuals who aims to make an online advertisement a tool to promote every business in Ethiopia


We are operating under the name of Barohub with the web address via The website was founded last year with the aim to make an online advertisement so easy and affordable throughout the country. To achieve this goal, we have developed three other websites to operate under the banner of Barohub. Barohub is our business name and also a webste itself as you could see where anything can get advertised advertised except for jobs The name Barohub is derived from "Baro", a river in western Ethiopia found in the Highlands of Oromia down to the Gambella Low lands. The Baro river divides the regional capital of Gambella National Regional State into two equal halves. We added the word hub after the river name Baro to reflect much of the activities in the websites. We therefore named our business as such based on that simple reason that many businesses can operate simultaneously in our websites.

The three other sisterly websites of Barohub are as follows:

1The Abyssinian Real Estate.
The Abyssinian Real Estate deales specifically with listing of properties and lands for sale please click here to check out our website for property.

2The Abyss Employment
The Abyss Employment websites deals specificaly for jobs. It is only this job categories among many categories that the Barohub website does not cover.please click here to go to our job websites

3 The Mekina Mender.
The Mekina Mender websites deales specofically for cars please click here to go to our car website

The three websites deal with specific categories but the Barohub websites combine everything that is also advertised in the two websites but not jobs. We urge the Business individuals to use our websites and promote their business.
Online advertisement has never been so easy. It is just a click away. So ring our freindly staff who will help you with the registeration.

  • We urge all ntrepreneurs throughout the country to use our website for anything that they would like to advertise in any four of our sisterly websites.
  • We urge all car sellers and buyers throughout the country to use our website for advertising their cars either on barohub or on Mekina Mender.
  • We urge all Brokers (Dilalas) throughout the country to use our website for anything that they would like to advertise.

There are a lot of benefits in anline advertisement because chances are you would get the item the way it was advertised where as in radio and television, you would never get an item the way it was because you may not like remember what was said.

So why not use this oppurtunity and advertise with Barohub.